Our E-Commerce Site is now live. You can view pricing and place orders directly online.

Web Help

Sign Up

Signing up to the Kempston Controls website only take a few steps - you'll soon be able to start ordering the items you need with any disocunts your account may receive fully visible and integrated.

Start by clicking the "LOGIN/SIGNUP" link as seen on the image below.

Then click on the "Create a new account" link.

Enter your details within the form

You will now be sent to your account homepage. You will need to verify your email within 7 days in order to continue being able to place orders or quotes, or to request your web account is connected to an existing customer account.


Verify Email

To verify your account so you can place orders and quotes, simply click on the ‘Verify Email’ button on the right side.

You will now be sent an email with a link to verify your account. If you have not received an email after 5 minutes, press ‘Resend’ for another verification email.

Request Access

If you have placed a quote or order with Kempston Controls previously, you already have a customer account. You may now request it is connected to your web account.

Press the request Access button below

Click the link of the left under

Then you need to fill in this short form so that we can link you web account to your existing customer account. This is the process that allows us to show your customer discount online.

We regret that the process can't be instantaneous, but for security reasons each account is first verified by a human being to ensure customer accounts are only assigned to email addresses owned by the company in question. This stops issues with scam artists trying to place orders on another customers account.

Shortly after requesting your sign-up you will receive an email asking you to set up your password. Once you have completed this step, congratulations, you now have a web account at and it is fully linked to your standard customer account.


Password Reset

If you have forgotten, misplaced or your account password has been compromised, you can reset your password using this form.

Firstly, select login/sign up to get to the sign up page.

From here, select Forgotten Password underneath the Sign In button.

Simply enter the email address you used to register for an account with Kempston Controls and we will send you instructions on how you can reset your password quickly and easily.


Place an order/quote

Placing orders and receiving formal quotes is an easy process once you have signed in and verified your account.

The fastest way to find your item is to use the search box at the top of virtually every page on the website. See the green highlighted area below.

If we think there may be multiple possible results for your search you will see a screen like this.

If you get the view above then click on your item, or if we think we have found exactly the item you want; you will come to a page like this.

The next step is to type the quantiy of the item you want into the appropriate box, and then select add to basket.

If you don't enter a quantity, the smallest quantity possible will be added to your basket. This is usally a single item, however some product pages will state that there is a pack size and that you must purchase in multiples of that number.

A small popup will appear to the top-right of the screen. This will provide some information on the item you have just added to your basket and will provide options to continue shopping, or go straight to your basket if you are ready to place a quote/order.

For the purpose of this guide, let's assume you choose "View Basket".

You will now find yourself viewing your basket.

You can do many things in this view, we'll go over the main ones here.

  • Top right highlight - Here you can change the quantity of an item if you need to.
  • Top left highlight - Here you can add a comment to a line, there is also a button below and to the left that allows you to add a comment to the order. You can also select a shipping date. PLEASE NOTE this is the date the item will be shipped from Kempston Controls, not the date it will arrive to yourself.
  • Bottom left highlight - Here you can select your delivery options.
  • Bottom right highlight - This is where you decide if you are requesting a quote or placing an order. PLEASE NOTE if you are choosing a quote, your delivery options will be disregarded.

Are you placing a quote or an order?

You're placing a quote, hopefully we can turn that into an order.

You will be taken to a window showing an overview of your quote request and allowing you to add a 'reference' to link it back to your own records.

You should now be looking at a confirmation window. There will be a reference number, you should keep a note of this until you have received a formal quote from a member of staff. You may also notice that your basket is now empty.

Your quote is complete.

Top - Show me how placing an order is different.

You're placing an order. Great!

After clicking the "Checkout" button you will be taken to the following window.

On the left, you will again see options to change your shipping speed. Please check valid shipping options via the "Shipping time and cost" button on a product page.
On the right is a dropdown box to select the country of ultimate destination, we require this due an increase in scrutiny over exports.
Below this is an optional text box to enter your own purchase order number.
Finally there is a check-box to agree to our terms and conditions.

Top Tip: If you have payment terms with Kempston Controls, the box highlighted in blue will instead say "Purchase" - once you click this your order is placed.

Top - What if I just wanted to place a quote?

Payment Options

Kempston Controls provides a safe and secure interface for customers to pay for their purchases from a wide selection of credit and debit cards.

Click the Continue to Payment button. Please note that you must enter the destination and agree to the terms and conditions to progress.

You will then be taken to the payment selection option page

If you are a CCAvenue registered User, you can enter your log in details to process your payment through CCAvenue Checkout.

You can also click Wallet and pay through Digital Wallet but entering your Mobile Number.

Otherwise enter your respective Credit/Debit card number, security code (CSC), expiration date and the cardholders name in the Card details area.

Ensure the Cardholder details are correct.

Press the Make Payment button

If you wish to cancel the order at this point you can do so via the ‘X Cancel’ option below the select payment method, this is also found on the card entry details pages.

This button will completely cancel your transaction. Please be assured that you will not be charged for the goods or services listed on this page. At this stage you may wish to return to Kempston Controls to review your purchase.

After selecting 'make a payment', you will be shown a confirmation screen like the one below.


Check your order/quote status

So, you have placed your order/quote and you want to check the status of it. Easily done.

Click on the "MY ACCOUNT" link highlighted in green on the image below.

Among other options, you will have the ability to view your previous quotes/orders. For the purpose of this guide, we will just look at orders as both screens are very similar.

You can now see all of the orders you have placed with Kempston Controls, even if they weren't placed on the website.

You can also see the status of an order, or click the repeat button the place the items into your basket again.Please note, repeating an order only places the same items and quantities into your basket. It does not necessarily mean the price is the same.

Top Tip: If you click the details link you can get a full view of the items on the order.


Ordering long lists of items

Sometimes you need to place a large order, and whilst we think our standard ordering process is quite quick for a few items, we know it can add up quickly. That's why we have a quick basket feature.

To reach the quick basket, click on the "Quick Basket" link underneath the search bar as shown in the green highlighted box below.

You will see a large text-box for you to enter your items and some simple instructions on how to use it. You can enter an item number on it's own to add the minimum possible quantity to your basket, or you can specify the quantity you would like.

Please be aware that whilst most items are sold singly, some do have a 'pack-size' requirement. In the image below, the first two lines would both add 1 item to the basket as (at the time of this guide being prepared) an NITD10 can be bought singly.

The third and fourth lines however would be moved up to 10 each, as (at the time of this guide being prepared) the item C22G100S must be bought in multiples of 10. Meaning that 10 is the smallest possible quantity you can purchase.

Line five however, would move DOWN to 10, not UP to 20. This is in an effort to not lead the customer into buying more items than they had intended. Similarly if you entered 21 as the quantity, it would be moved down to 20. Please always check you are happy with the output of the quickbasket feature before purchasing.

Once you have entered the items you would like, and have clicked the next button, there are 3 possible outcomes per item you have searched.

  • The first, as seen on line one, is a "Non-exact match". This means we might have your item on our site, but we can't be sure. You can either select your item form the dropdown box, or enter a description if your item is not there.
  • The second, as seen on line two, is an exact match. In this case we are confident we have found the exact item you are looking for.
  • The third, as seen on line three, is for any items we cannot find on our website. For these items you may either remove them from the list, or add a description so that one of our staff may attempt to find the item manually.
Please note that if you add a description for partial or no matches, you will only be able to request a quote.

Once you are happy, simply click the "Add to basket" to add the items to your basket.


Favourite products and favourite lists

There are some items you likely buy repeatedly, in an effort to speed up the process for you we have two different 'favourites' features.

The first is a favourite product. To add an item to your favourite products, simply click on the relevant button below the pricing box. You will notice that it will update the text.

Alternatively, you can add products to a favourite list by click the favourite list button. You will be presented with a small pop-up allowing you to create a new list, or add the item to an existing list. Once again the heart will turn red.

To view favourite products or favourite lists, navigate to your account via the "MY ACCOUNT" link.

From here, if you hover your mouse pointer over the favourites button two options will appear, "FAVOURITE LISTS" and "FAVOURITE PRODUCTS".

Select the option you want, and you will be provided with a screen to view or edit the products/lists and and the items to your basket.


Found it cheaper

Occasionally you may find an item cheaper from another supplier. Whilst we can make no guarentees, we feel we owe it to our customers to try and get a better price if you can show us where you found it cheaper.

The found it cheaper link can be found on all product pages, as seen in the green highlighted box below.

You will then be taken to small form asking you to give us some information so that we may investigate and let you know if we can help in any way.