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Kempston Controls Electronic Components Distributor of WAGO


WAGO was founded in Minden, Germany, on April 27 1951 as WAGO Klemmenwerk GmbH, after brothers-in-law Heinrich Nagel and Friedrich Hohorst purchased a patent for spring clamp technology. This was a terminal with a non-self-supporting contact insert for solid conductors where the clamping force is transmitted to the insulating housing. WAGO is named after the inventors Wagner and Olbricht from whom the original patent was purchased.

In the decades that followed the company’s creation WAGO went on to establish subsidiaries around the World including France, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Japan, the UK and in India. WAGO are continually developing their existing devices and are always innovating and creating exciting new high-specification products.

WAGO manufactures components for electrical connection and decentralised automation technology as well as interface electronics, specialising in products in the field of spring clamp technology. Their extensive range of products are used in numerous industries, including automotive, building, Lighting technology, and in mechanical and plant engineering.

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for WAGO, has access to their entire product portfolio and stocks an impressive range of WAGO products including:

Terminal Blocks
Earth Terminals
Jumper Links
Terminal End Plates
Distribution Modules
Sensor Actuator Junction Boxes
Cable Assemblies
Splicing Connectors
Distribution Connectors
Digital Input Modules
SSI Interface
Lighting Connectors

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